Farming Transmog

With patch 4.3, transmogrification was added to World of Warcraft. This gave us the opportunity to visually customize our characters without having to spend money. Gone were the days when everyone stood in town with the same pet set. With the introduction of this feature, the demand for “Lookalike” items which are BoE (Bind on Equip) and thus can be sold in the Auction House also increased.

In the section Transmog Sources you will find various tips and tricks on how to earn gold with the help of transmogrification. I will show you where you can farm these items and which items are worthwhile. I will also give you examples of the prices you should sell your transmog parts for.

Many players find it too exhausting to “grind” NPCs for hours in the hope that their desired Transmog part will drop. For this reason, a new group of transmog traders has developed among the gold farmers, who cover exactly this need. Long ridiculed, the success of these traders is now arousing the interest of some. Items which are very rare or no longer available in the game, sell for 6-digit gold amounts!

You don’t become a Transmog dealer from one day to the next, because you need a lot of experience to find out which parts sell well and which ones get dusty in your pockets. For a little insight, I have all the valuable items from the instances, which I bring you closer with my experience provided with a suitable rating.



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