Stonetalon Mountains

When asked, “Where do very expensive transmog items drop and where do you get a very high item value per hour?” the name Stonetalon Mountains comes up very often. In fact, many items drop over 3,000 gold a piece in this zone. As you can see on the map, our farm spot is located in a valley in the Stonetalon Mountains.

Zone: Stonetalon Mountains (Kalimdor)

Farming Route

In this small valley you will find a number of camps where Tauren and Orcs fight each other. I recommend you to fly through the valley in a circle, camp by camp. The respawn time is very fast, so you rarely have to take breaks.

What items can be found in this instance?

Short explanation: Since the prices for Transmog fluctuate strongly depending on the server, I no longer give fixed values in gold. The more valuable items are simple marked with more stars. An item with 5 stars is worth more than an item with only one star in comparison. I hope this gives you a small impression on which items to be excited about when farming!

Other Transmogs

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