Thousand Needles

In Thousand Needles there is a small cave (see picture) where you can find a lot of NPCs named Den Whompers in a very small space. I have again listed all sets and items which can drop from these NPCs. It is worth farming here!

Zone: Thousand Needles (Kalimdor)

Farming Route

As soon as you enter the entrance of the cave, you’ll notice that you can run around in circles. I recommend farming this farm with multiple players, as this will significantly increase your kills per hour. Split up in the cave and run in circles with distance to each other. Due to personal loot, you won’t take anything from each other, of course.

What items can be found in this instance?

Short explanation: Since the prices for Transmog fluctuate strongly depending on the server, I no longer give fixed values in gold. The more valuable items are simple marked with more stars. An item with 5 stars is worth more than an item with only one star in comparison. I hope this gives you a small impression on which items to be excited about when farming!

Other Transmogs

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