Isle of Thunder

A very popular open world farm spot is located in Pandaria on the Isle of Thunder. To get there, you have to go through the portal in the Townlong Steppes (Horde: 50.7, 73.4 | Alliance 49.7, 68.7). On this island, transmog items worth up to 50,000 gold await you. The highlight is certainly the Restrung Voodoo Bow. Additional gold is provided by the drop of Spirit of Harmony or its particles, which are sold for up to 100 gold each.

Zone: Isle of Thunder (Pandaria) – Farming Route

In the zone marked above there are numerous Zandalari and partly also Mogu NPCs. The goal is simply to kill everything that stands on its feet in this zone.

To increase your kills per hour, I recommend farming with a group of 5 people. Simply run in circles in the marked zone at intervals. You don’t take any loot away from each other, because personal loot is active here.

The faster you kill the mobs in the zone, the faster they respawn and the more kills you get per hour.

What items can be found in this zone?

Short explanation: Since the prices for Transmog fluctuate strongly depending on the server, I no longer give fixed values in gold. The more valuable items are simple marked with more stars. An item with 5 stars is worth more than an item with only one star in comparison. I hope this gives you a small impression on which items to be excited about when farming!

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