When asked “Where is a good place to farm Transmog?” there is no way around Silithus. The open world farm in Silithus is the hot spot of the transmog scene, because here drop some of the most valuable sets from Classic WoW. We’re talking about the Glorious, Jade and Outpost sets, as well as highlights like Teebu’s Blazing Longsword worth 300,000-400,000 gold!

Zone: Silithus (Kalimdor)

Silithus is a phased area. To use the farming spot we recommend you need to visit “old” Silithus. So if you see a giant sword in the middle of Silithus, you need to talk to Zidormi in the North West to change phase.

Farming Route

For effective farming of this spot you need 3-4 other players! The Shadowhammer base camp is the primary target. If other people are already farming at this spot, you can also try the outpost.

Since each player gets their own personal loot, you don’t take anything from each other. For the farm, simply run in circles in the base camp and kill and loot every enemy in the vicinity.

What items to find in this dungeon

Short explanation: Since the prices for Transmog fluctuate strongly depending on the server, I no longer give fixed values in gold. The more valuable items are simple marked with more stars. An item with 5 stars is worth more than an item with only one star in comparison. I hope this gives you a small impression on which items to be excited about when farming!

Glorious Set

This set counts towards the most popular and expensive style gear in WoW.

Miscellaneous Transmog

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