Island Expeditions

The island expeditions are an instanced area that can be played solo or with two other party members in Normal, Heroic or Mythic mode. The goal is to collect 6,000 / 9,000 /12,000 Azerite before the opposing team, depending on the difficulty level. You get this by killing the islanders, looting treasures and mining resources (Azerite).

Für den Sieg bekommt ihr mit Glück Reittiere, Dublonen, Haustiere aber auch sehr wertvolle Transmog-Gegenstände. Die Inselexpedition solo, also alleine zu laufen ist erst seit Patch 9.1.5 möglich. Ich würde euch jedoch immer einen Gruppen-Farm empfehlen, da ihr deutlich schneller seid. Eine 3er-Gruppe benötigt für eine mythische Inselexpedition im Schnitt 4 Minuten.

If you are lucky, you will get mounts, doubloons, pets, but also very valuable transmog items for the victory. Running the island expedition solo is only possible since patch 9.1.5. However, I would always recommend a group farm, as you will be much faster. A group of 3 needs on average 4 minutes for a mythical island expedition.

It is important that you talk to the NPC behind the table and not click on the table. For the WoW HordeHorde this is Captain Rez’okun at the port of Dazar’alor and for the WoW AllianzFlynn Fairwind in Boralus.

Island Expedition Sign-Up

What armor and weapons are available?

The loot pool of the island expedition is incredibly large. I have highlighted the top items from this pool for you.


What sets are there?

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