Flower Cow Miner

2. November 2021 - 07:50 Uhr
4. February 2022 - 02:13 Uhr
Transmog Sources
Main color
Classified as
Suitable for
Cosmetic, Profession, Quest, World Drop
Alliance Horde

Cosmetic: can be purchased in Moonglade for 25 Coins of Ancestry during Lunar Festival.

Random World Drop BoE

Profession: Northrend Tailoring (25)

World Random Drop BoE

Quest Reward: Diese Quest ist zu erledigen!Kill-Collect (Cape of Stranglethorn, Vanilla)

Random Drop in Razorfen Downs Classic BoE

Cosmetic: can be purchased for 500 Draenic Seeds and 2.000 Gold in the Garrison Herb Garden WoD.

sold by Vendors in all Major Cities

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