Winged Stag

2. November 2021 - 06:33 Uhr
7. February 2022 - 10:11 Uhr
Transmog Sources
Main color
Classified as
Suitable for
Cosmetic, Profession, Raid, World Drop
sexy, simple
Alliance Horde

Raid: Molten Core Classic – Boss: Garr

Cosmetic: Sprite Darter Transmog Set in the Blizzard Shop – €20

Random World Drop BoE

Random World Drop BoE

Profession: Leatherworking (280) BoE

Profession: Leatherworking (285) BoE

Island Expedition Reward (contained in Dread Chain Salvage)

Raid: Hyjal Summit BC – Boss: Anetheron

Illusion: Netherflame
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